Clean Water Initiative


Is Young Life a relief organization?
No, Young Life typically runs programs for teenagers: after school, evenings, and camps.

If you aren't a relief organization, what are you doing with all these buckets and filters?
After hurricanes Irma and Maria hit St Thomas in early September, our staff met with local school adminstrators, health professionals, and families to find a way we could serve kids in the recovery process. One concern that came up was kids having access to safe drinking water. We researched ways other areas affected by natural disaster had handled this issue in the past and that was how our Clean Water Initiative was born.

How did you fund the filters?
These filters were purchased with donations from both within the Virign Islands and outside of it. Discounts given by KLR, a local restaurant supply store, on the buckets/lids and by Sawyer Products on the filters themselves allowed those donations to stretch even futher and expand the project.

Are these filters approved for use in schools?
Yes, we received the go ahead from both the VI Board of Health and within the Education Department before launching the initiative.

What types of filters are you using? How do they work?
We are incorporating both 0.02 and 0.1 micron filters from Sawyer for our Clean Water Initiative. For more info on the filters, the technology, or Sawyer products you can visit

Which schools are receiving filters?
All public schools on St Thomas and St John will be receveivng filters for thier studnets to use. Some are choosing to put them in classrooms. Others are placing them in common areas like the gym or cafeterias. Our hope is that each school would incorporate them in whatever way best serves their students and staff.

Who is in charge of cleaning and caring for the filters?
Young Life staff, leaders, and kids are assembling all of the filters and buckets. Once delivered to schools, the schools are responsible for the ongoing care and cleaning of thier buckets and filters. Cleaning and care instructions can be found on a sticker on the back of each bucket.

We have a filter in my school but I wasn't there for the demonstration. Is there any way to see how they work?
You can watch a video on the filter technology, care, and cleaning how-to on Sawyer's website HERE.

Are any other islands receiving filters?
There was a generous response to our announcement of the Clean Water Initiative. That, plus discounts provided by KRL restaurant supply and Sawyer products on the filters and the buckets have enable the donations given to be stretched even further. We are currently working to get filters into St Croix schools and a few BVI schools that have expressed interest as well.

I know of a private school on St Thomas, St John, or St Croix in need of filters. Can I get any filters for them?
Please contact us directly via the contact page on this website

I don't live on St Thomas but I live on another island also dealing with hurricane recovery. Can we get buckets for schools here?
Please contact us directly via the contact page on this website

I hadn't heard of Young Life or WyldLife until I saw these buckets. I'm interested in finding out if there are programs for my school or how to get them started.
We'd love to talk to you about that! Please send us an email via the contact page on this website. Or you can call or text us at 340.998.3122. Please don't leave a voicemail as we haven't received any voicemails since September 6.

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